Your Digital Partners

Customers. Suppliers. Accountants. Bills to pay.

Does this sound familiar? Well, you are probably running a business and you know how much you have on your plate. Your hands are pretty full on a daily basis and the task depending on you seem to be piling up by the minute.

Running a business is hard work and we haven't even mentioned the whole digital side of things.

Website. Branding. SEO. Social Media. Digital Marketing. Too often just an additional headache that doesn't seem to take anywhere.

The problem is that nowadays, without a solid, tailored and well-thought online presence, competing and surviving is getting harder and harder. The world changes at supersonic speed and keeping up with this wave of new trends and technologies can be overwhelming.

Competing on the digital field too often means an enormous investment of time and finding someone trusted that could help you can be complicated. You will need a lot of different skills and backgrounds to tackle all the challenges faced on a daily basis efficiently.

You will probably need designers, developers, illustrators, marketers, strategists, copywriters, photographers. Different professionals with different workflows that aren't always easy to coordinate. An astounding number of moving parts that are supposed to take you to the next level, but that too often just means a lot more work.

The main problem is that involving a large number of professionals means a lot of time and a lot of money invested in something that might not work. Your digital presence has to be harmonious and well-thought. There needs to be a clear strategy that needs to fit with your brand. Everything should work in one coherent direction with the objective of magnifying your values and ethos.

Sounds complicated, we get it.

The ideal scenario is having someone that you can trust, that you feel comfortable representing you online and that can help you with any of your digital needs. Someone that will ease your workload instead of aggravating it. Almost a friend, a partner.

A digital partner.

That's precisely the spirit at the core of Shape + Letter.

For us, every project feels like it's our own. We understand how stressful and confusing our world can be and we want to be the connection that makes it a bit easier to understand.

We are lucky enough to have different skill sets, backgrounds and personalities all in-house. This allows us to have a comprehensive approach every task we face. Our clients can feel comfortable addressing their dreams and ambitions to us; we put together all our knowledge to make them happen. Our clients can feel comfortable sharing their doubts and stresses; we'll do our best to simplify, clarify and solve.

Our primary job isn't designing, coding or managing social media. Our primary job is saving you time and stress. We want to help you solve your problems. We want to use our skills to help you succeed. We want to be your digital partners.