We’re Shape + Letter

Starting a new business is an adventure.

Setting up a new company is a process filled with hope, worries, excitement and doubts. You have an idea, you think you have the skills, but there are so many hurdles to get past. So many difficulties to face. So many complex situations to solve.

You'd think that picking a name for your new company would be the fun part. The easy bit. You visualise the process as a very creative meeting sipping cans of San Pellegrino. Everyone around the table coming up with incredible ideas. A whiteboard that fills up with fantastic names. The only struggle is picking the best one.

Well, forget about that.

Reality hits you pretty hard as soon as you start thinking about viable names.

The name needs to be unique, catchy, in tune with your style and with what you do. Needs to fit your market, but needs to stand out. You'd like it to be funny, but without losing a professional side. You look for something personal, but that can resonate with everybody.

Picking a name is not so much about being creative. It's more about balancing all the voices that a company has. Finding an image, a handful of words that are going to represent you, that is going to define who you are and who you can be.

Feeling the pressure yet?

There's nothing poetic in this process. It's tense, exhausting, nerve-wracking.

How do you represent correctly the three of us?

How do you find something that encapsulates our three completely different souls, personalities and skills?

We are designers, developers, marketers. We love type, social media, code, design. We work well together, but we are completely different sides of the same coin. Finding a name that wraps all these different souls around the same heartbeat was quite a task.

Our name had to be something that represented us. That's what we needed, so we took a look deep inside ourselves. We tried to understand what's the real meaning behind our work.

What's the fire that drives us? What's the star that guides us?

Finding an answer took a while, but it was incredibly simple and trivial.

We're all driven by quality, aesthetics, pushing the boundaries of what we can do. We thrive on giving our clients all the support they need and the best experience ever. Every stage of our projects gets planned and implemented keeping an eye on the smallest details. Our aim is always to deliver the very best version of the final product possible.

The small details make the difference. Everything needs to be the very best it can be. Every word we write, every line we draw, every colour we pick. They're not just shape and letters. They're the core of every single project we take on.

We'll be called Shape and Letter because everything we do can be built starting from a simple shape or a single letter. It's not the substance of these two simple elements that make the difference; it's our love and passion for the journey.

We take shapes and letters and we transform them into solutions for our client's problems.

Nothing simpler than that. Nothing harder.