Prospects Events are the market leader in delivering careers, jobs, education, skills, training, apprenticeship and recruitment events across the UK.

They came to use after recently encompassing their seven different series under the same brand and were in need of a website that reflects this, whilst showing off the national reach of their combined events

The Problem

When they approached us Prospects Events had seven different websites each with their own unique way of uploading and displaying the various information needed for each event. This caused an implementation nightmare, not just for the team managing the various sites but for each of the event visitors as well.

The team were spending far too much time populating all their different sites, and they were being held back by the technology used when the initial sites were created.

They wanted the sites to do more of this work for them, streamline the user experience and make themselves instantly recognisable as one national brand.

The solution

Our solution was one master site, holding all the different series and their events.  The information can be easily populated and assigned to the event through the site dashboard where they can keep an eye on all the events in one user-friendly portal

Prospects events work with world-class exhibitors.

They recognised that having a portal for these companies to log in, upload and edit their own profiles, would not only streamline their marketing efforts, it would keep the content fresh and dynamic whilst lending an air of authority to each of their events.

In response to this, we built them a portal for their exhibitors to log in, edit data and add events. Each event then has an exhibitor directory, which grows with the event and displays unique information for each exhibitor. Once logged in, the exhibitor's profile is accessible from any page via a slide-out panel, giving them quick and easy access to editing their data.

The logic behind the site works on fallbacks, you can populate information for the event, series or site. The site will work out if their is data on the event and display that data, if not it will find the data on the series and display that, lastly falling back to the data from prospects events as a whole.

This makes keeping the site up to date a breeze whilst at the same time remedying the issues they were finding with duplicated content. For a seamless user experience, the site knows which series the user has come from and re-styles the data to match it's unique branding colours.

The Result

Prospects events now have one user-friendly, clean and colourful site, in keeping with their new branding and fully editable in one easy to use back-end dashboard. From the moment you land on the site, through the events, booking and exhibitor portals it is clear that Prospects events are a national brand with competent coverage right across the UK.

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