Elite Fitness is a high-end personal training facility based in the heart of Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. Their team of internationally certified trainers excel in designing high-end personalised fitness and nutrition plans.

The Brief

The scope of the project was mainly focused on bringing in a constant flow of new leads for potential members of the facility. A secondary goal was to raise and enhance Elite Training online presence to increase their authority and ease the organic process of lead generation.

Our Approach

To meet the requirements of the brief, we created pay-per-click campaigns on the major platforms available to drive high-quality traffic to Elite Fitness website and generated content and engagement with the goal of growing the already existent social media profiles.


Due to Instagram's visual nature, this platform is the ideal place for raising the brand awareness, tell the client's story and values, and reach thousands of people every day. Instagram also offers the possibility of creating ads to attract potential leads more systematically.


  • Daily posts to promote the high-end nature of the training facilities, the professionalism of the staff and the core values of the brand.
  • Hashtag research to increase the average engagement on each post.
  • Target audience research to steadily grow the profile size.
  • Paid campaigns to drive traffic and potential leads to the website


Facebook's size and incredibly powerful advertisement tools make it the ideal social media platform to use for reaching a very targeted and specific audience with promoted content. Using Facebook Ads to expose the brand to potential leads, give them access to exclusive offers, drive them to the website and guide them through the enrolment process.


  • Creation of content tailored for the Facebook audience.
  • Research of the perfect audience and demographics to hit.
  • Paid campaigns to increase the engagement and size of the page.
  • Paid campaigns to drive traffic to the website.


Google's advertisement platform offers the perfect chance to reach people that show interest and intent to access Elite Fitness' services through Google Search. The goal was to consistently come up on the results page for the most searched terms related to fitness, nutrition and personal training in Abu Dhabi.


  • Keyword research to reach the highest quality traffic possible.
  • Creation and split testing of different variations of the ad to find the best performing.
  • Audience set up and bidding strategy aligned to the budget available.
  • Constant bidding adjustment, keyword refinement negative keyword research to bring the cost-per-click down.

The Results

In the space of only three months, we managed to achieve the set goal of driving more potential leads to the traffic where they could easily get in touch with the guys at Elite Fitness.

  • Drove 3617 users to the target website through Facebook, Instagram and AdWords.
  • Grown the Facebook Page 105% going from 277 to 568 page-likes.
  • Generated 12750 post engagements on Facebook posts.
  • Grown the Instagram profile 135% going from 1360 to 3164 followers